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In eastern Bolivia lies Santa Cruz de la Sierra, the capital of the country’s largest department, Santa Cruz. The city constitutes one of the most important and best-developed in the nation.

In this context, MUEBLES INTI has emerged as a dynamic and highly-promising enterprise, thoroughly equipped in every way to respond effectively to global changes and trends, recognized for its innovative designs and fine finished product, with a firmly foundational commitment to orienting and assisting its clients

The environment is one of the principal concerns at Muebles Inti, from the selection of tree trunks to be logged through the use of non-contaminating materials in manufacturing.

Due to its high-level of commitment, the company has maintained strict compliance with international legislation, performing appropriate environmental management in every dimension of its activities and incentivizing the preservation of natural resources.


The company has been consolidated as one of the country’s most important furniture makers, distinguished for overall product quality.

It has actively participated in national and international expositions, earning a wide array of awards and prizes.

WILSON CHILENO AGUILERA provides solid leadership for the company. Mr. Aguilera completed his university studies in Political and Legal Sciences at the Universidad Gabriel René Moreno, with the following distinctions:

  • Founder of the Mejillones National Industrial School in Cochabamba.
  • Founder of the company Latino Americana, furniture maker of Argentina.
  • Founder of the Small Business Association (ADEPI, for its initials in Spanish.) Founder of the Producers and Exporters Association (ASPEN, for its initials in Spanish) and its past-president for two consecutive years, 1984-85.

WILSON CHILENO AGUILERA, together with his dedicated team of professionals, have successfully maintained the company at the forefront of the furniture-making industry.
Thirty-five years of dedicated work, each member of the Muebles Inti team always gives their best in their commitment to our slogan: QUALITY AT THE BEST PRICE.

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